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Allowing you to concentrate your skills on your individual business/projects by giving you peace of mind that you are working with the best experienced Financial Professionals who have your best interests at heart 

The Financial Maze is here to help you find the very best advice in the Commercial and Development sector

Commercial Finance: Welcome
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Helping businesses take the next leap

At The Financial Maze, We help businesses find suitable loans and investment opportunities to help them grow

Many financial products are in reality ‘off the shelf’, but this is not usually the case for the commercial finance sector.

Selecting the right broker who will work in partnership with the best lenders that meet your bespoke requirements through building strong relationships with financial providers, and negotiating the best outcome for you, is a critical factor in ensuring you secure the best deal possible. 

Obtaining the right guidance in this area is really important to successfully obtaining the very best product in all areas of commercial finance.

Commercial Finance: About

We're here to make securing finance simpler

We start off by discussing your exact needs, including the types of funding you could apply for, how much you need, any assets that can be used as security, and any other needs. We will then direct you to experienced commercial brokers who we feel would secure you the best deal, who will then discuss your options in more detail.

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Fund a wide range of business activities:

  • Bridging Finance for residence, investment, developers, Auction Finance and VAT bridge 

  • Development Finance  

  • Commercial Mortgages  

  • Buy to Let Mortgages (inc. holiday homes), HMO Mortgages and Portfolio Mortgages

Whatever your funding needs are, We will do our best to guide you to one of the leading experienced brokers. 

Protect your investment

In addition to loans and funding needs, we can also discuss insurance to protect your latest purchases.

As with all the companies we work with, insurance brokers have to meet the high standard we expect from advice providers, to ensure you get the service you deserve.

Pressure-free support

We want all of our clients, whether businesses or private, to feel at ease when working with us. We operate a no-pressure service, and give clients all the time they need to make a decision. What's most important to us is that you are guided to the right company for your circumstances, and have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Commercial Finance: Services
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Don't forget to review our services

Feedback is very important to The Financial Maze, and we welcome every opportunity for comments from clients. Feel free to spend a few moments to review us.

Commercial Finance: About

Time to secure funding? Contact The Financial Maze for support, on 07711 651394.

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