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Giving you more than just a price comparison by offering a conduit where you can discuss your needs and concerns with a real person in order to get you to the most suited product by guiding you to the best advice

The Financial Maze can offer you guidance to get you to the very best advice and therefore the best suited product for you

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Helping to give people complete peace of mind

Over the last couple of decades, the emergence of comparison websites has been one of the success stories in the financial industry, but are they "the be all and end all" without some understanding of your real needs to get you to the very best product?

We believe that an individual will obtain the best-suited product to meet their needs in this area by obtaining the very best advice. 


You may be asking yourself the following questions: 

  • Is obtaining the top product by price guidance alone only always the best choice? 

  • What other factors should I be looking at? 

  • How generally do these products work? 

  • What does persistence mean in this area, and why is it such an important factor when looking for the best advice? 

Insurance: About

How it works

First, we will arrange a time with you to discuss in detail the type of insurance you may need. We will then provide our recommendations for the best insurance brokers and arrange for them to contact you.

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We can help you find:

  • Life Cover 

  • Income Protection 

  • Critical Illness Cover 

  • Buildings and Contents Cover 

  • Business Guidance Areas 

  • Employee Death in Service benefit

  • Key Person Insurance 

  • Shareholder Protection 

  • Business Loan Protection 

  • Public Liability Insurance 

  • Fleet Protection 

  • Public Liability Insurance 


FCA regulated partners

We want you to feel 100% comfortable in your choice. We only recommend recognised brokers who are covered by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

This means that you can trust your broker to look after your best interests and needs. 

Need a different product?

Our 35-plus years of experience is not just limited to insurance. If you need to secure a business loan, or somewhere to make an investment in your future, we can point you in the right direction. Whatever your needs are, be sure to contact The Financial Maze today.

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Used our services before?

We welcome every opportunity for feedback. If we have helped you discover the right insurance broker, feel free to leave a short review; all comments are welcomed.

Insurance: About

Find the right insurance company; call us today on 07711 651394.

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