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Cutting through the financial jargon and anxiety of asking others to help you grow your hard-earned money

The Financial Maze can help guide you to the very best advice

Pension and Investment: Welcome
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Pave the way to a more secure future

The financial crisis has given us a decade plus of low interest rates which is great for the person who has a mortgage but not so clever for the person who is looking to invest their money in other traditional platforms where risk verses reward is paramount to their goals. 


The landscape seems to be on the change again with inflation on the rise and some financial commentators stating it could soon reach 5%.


You may be asking the following questions.

  • What are my pension/investment options? 

  • What is the difference between a restricted broker and a whole of market broker? 

  • What happened in 2015 that changed the Pension landscape and how does it affect me? 

  • I took out a Pension/Investment, but now my advisor is no longer trading. 

  • I have lost track of my Pensions and would like to know their total value? 

  • I’m unsure of my risk profile and whether my investment/pension match my profile? 

  • I need greater technology access to track my Pension/investments. 

  • I have lost track of my Pension provider as they have been bought out?

Pension and Investment: About

How our process works

First, get in touch with us to arrange a suitable time to discuss your needs. 

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Let us help you with

  • Stakeholder Pensions 

  • Personal Pensions 

  • Self- Invested Pensions (SIPPS) 

  • Final Salary Pensions 

  • Review of existing Investment / Pension portfolios

  • ISA’s 

  • General Investment Accounts 

  • Onshore / Offshore Bonds 

  • Unit Trusts / OEICS 

FCA regulated partners

When it comes to any financial service, it's essential to ensure that a company is trustworthy and regulated. All the providers we suggest are fully FCA registered and have to pass our rigorous internal standards for us to feel comfortable recommending them to you.

We can help with more than Pensions and Investments

Pension and Investment support is just one string to our bow. We are also happy to support clients with guidance for the very best advice on mortgages, insurance deals, and commercial funding

Whatever your needs are, you can count on The Financial Maze; get in touch to arrange a call back.

Pension and Investment: Services

Be sure to review us on

Regular feedback from clients helps us to offer the right services; if we have helped you find the right pension plan or a different financial product, feel free to spend a few minutes to review the service you received.

Pension and Investment: About

Trust The Financial Maze to help you find the right pension plan. Call me today on 07711 651394

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