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Birth of The Financial Maze

The Financial Maze posted the below commentary some weeks ago on one of the main drivers for the concept of The Financial Maze.

“What have been the key drivers in the birth of The Financial Maze? Well, the key word is trust, or should I say the loss of trust due to industry behaviours such as the financial crisis, the endowment mis selling issues, the PPI scandal, and many other situations.

When people lose trust in areas that are vital for their financial wellbeing it can have a depilating affect that can cause delay in making key decision, anxiety and even stop them from taking decisive action for their financial well-being.

The Financial Maze aims to educate people on what behaviour’s, ethics, moral standards, and work practices providing the blueprint for best advice.”

We now provide further commentary on other drivers.

A way of describing how The Financial Maze came about is to look at the story of checkeratrade.

In 1998 a tornado struct the small seaside town of Selsey, whilst you would hope that this would be a time for communities to come together to help people recover from the storm unfortunately rogue traders preyed on the residence.

Checkeratrader was born as a conduit for people to have confidence in checking the credentials of trades people, one of the goals was to help educate consumers. A vetting system was created including providing a minimum of five reference, proof of qualifications and public liability insurance.

Whilst there are similarities to this model they do vastly differ from The Financial Maze. Most financial products, but certainly not all, fall under regulatory bodies within the financial arena, this offers substantial protection to the consumer and provides the vetting system.

But through experience The Financial Maze has recognised that this still does not mean that advice does not differ from provider to provider.

We want to be the first point of call for customers such as a first-time buyer to have a platform to discuss all the concepts they may come across in purchasing their first property, in a relax format but where they can actually talk to someone who has vast experience within this landscape , to the commercial client with complex finance needs that the experience of the broker is vital to ensuring the client is put in the best possible position to enhance his business/project.

We offer this service for residential Mortgage, all forms of commercial finance, especially property development, all insurance/assurance products and Pension and investments.

We are not journalist, but we have been on the “coalface” within Finance for over 35 years and now offer that experience to our customer by offering education, giving peace of mind, negating anxiety, cutting out unnecessary industry speak and therefore enhancing confidence in making key life decisions.

Contact The Financial Maze or to discuss all your financial needs and concerns.

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